TNCC Green Fund

Imagine solar panels on every south-facing roof, wind turbines, gravity generated hydro power, and invisible geothermal systems all contributing to our robust, clean energy resources!

powerplant-night-TEMPWe are pleased to announce the development of TNNC’s Green Fund. The Green Fund has been developed to provide a means for the regional community and visitors to contribute to local renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The fund will develop projects to offset carbon emissions including, but not limited to: solar and wind projects on area schools, biomass to energy conversion plants and energy efficiency programs for local residents and businesses. In addition, we are developing a strong educational component focusing on a variety of effective and entertaining ways to “spread the word”.

Green-HomeThe Green Fund is not exactly a carbon offset program. Folks that are interested in offsetting the emissions caused by their travel can certainly use the fund for this purpose. But funds for the Green Fund come from a variety of other regional sources. The thing that is so great about the Green Fund is that it is locally relevant. Residents and visitors will actually be able to reap the immediate benefits of Green Fund projects and programs, and the reliability of our local energy portfolio will be significantly strengthened. We also believe people will be more likely to contribute to a program when they can actually see the projects in action. Our first Green Fund project will be solar modules on regional schools along with an educational component that will inform kids of the tools they need to change the world.

If you are interested in making a donation to TNCC’s Green Fund, stop by our office in Telluride, or send a check payable to TNCC’s Green Fund to:
The New Community Coalition
Attn: Green Fund
P.O. Box 1625
Telluride, CO 81435

We hope to set up online donation capabilities eventually, so stay tuned…