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In our company’s history, I’ve noticed that just before winter starts many orders come in for remediation for areas with standing water, basin repairs, and parking lot pot holes needing repair. With time and access being so important, we also get an influx of Los Angeles CASp ADA Parking Lot Certification Requests and reconstruction work orders at the first sign of snow. The reason we pair parking lot ADA parking lot access and parking lot asphalt repair is due to the fact that they must work together. If neither are ADA compliant or ready before winter, the public will suffer. In fact, since El Nino has been forecasted for this year, many different managers of various properties and facilities are wondering if the winter is really going to be as bad as projected. There are many reasons that I think this approach is the wrong one.


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We proudly support the reclaimed asphalt pavement (PAV) program as this really helps lesson the footprint asphalt creates.

1. Projects completed during the cold weather months risk not being completed due to weather conditions, come with higher costs for materials, often have interruptions in work days, and the quality of work may suffer as a result. We suggest starting the DSA – ADA inspection of your parking lot reconstruction plans during this time.

2. Once temperatures dip below the freezing mark, the asphalt plant may not be operational on a day that repairs must be done and emergency repairs might not happen. If the thermoplastic reflectors are installed the tape does not adhere correctly and must be reapplied or your disability placards may be at risk for lawsuit.

3. We must use ADA compliant cold patch asphalt when we can’t get hot mix asphalt because the temperatures are too cold. ADA compliant Cold patch asphalt doesn’t last as long as repairs that are done with hot mix asphalt so a second callout will be necessary to permanently make the repair.

4. Contributory Negligence and Liability Issues. Landlords must consider the fact that if a tenant has made numerous complaints about large pools of water and they don’t make the repair promptly, they risk being pulled into a deposition by their tenant’s attorney after the tenant falls and injures themselves on the ice that formed in the area where the repair was not made. It will be game over for you once the date that you were made aware of the problem is brought up.

Handicap Parking Compliance & Asphalt Repair

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In the picture shown above, you can a nicely repainted parking lot. This type of job will reduce your ADA compliance largely due to the environmental friendly parking lot material on the parking lot.

Any time that local temperatures fall well below the freezing point, black ice may occur due to ground water.

The geology that exists below your concrete sidewalk or asphalt parking lot creates the potential for groundwater issues due to hydrostatic pressure. This can be corrected even though it is impossible to prevent. Hydrostatic pressure occurs because water follows the path of least resistance. When it is forced to the surface, it will flow through cracks that already exist in the concrete or asphalt but that may be diverted through islands in the landscape.

Culvert areas or storm sewers are simple ways to divert groundwater away from the surface.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Concrete Sidewalks Or ADA Compliant Asphalt Parking Lots With Underground Water Problems?

Depending on the difficulty of tie-ing into a culvert or storm sewer, the length and depth of the project, the cost of disposing of subgrade that has been excavated, and the amount of necessary restoration including grass seeding, topsoil, mulch, and patching of concrete and asphalt, you can expect to pay somewhere between $35 and $60 per lineal foot.

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