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ADA Compliance & Parking lot Resurfacing For The Future!

In our company’s history, I’ve noticed that just before winter starts many orders come in for remediation for areas with standing water, basin repairs, and parking lot pot holes needing repair. With time and access being so important, we also get an influx of ADA certification & parking lot reconstruction work orders at the first sign of any water. The reason we ADA Access and parking lot asphalt repair are in the same article – is due to the fact that they must work together. In the future of property construction and rehabilitation we must highlight the liabilities property owners face if they have an asphalt repair company re-stripe a parking lot without regard for ADA Compliance. If neither are ADA compliant before the rain come in – brace yourself for a winter of liability for an ADA access lawsuit and potential liability for not having your parking lot lined correctly without the ADA site. Always hire a professional ADA consulting service to review your property if you feel your contractor is not up to date with his handicap access legalities.

We proudly support the reclaimed asphalt pavement (PAV) program as this really helps lesson the footprint asphalt creates.

1. Projects completed during the cold weather months risk not being completed due to weather conditions, come with higher costs for materials, often have interruptions in work days, and the quality of work may suffer as a result. We suggest starting the DSA – ADA inspection of your parking lot reconstruction plans during this time.

2. Once temperatures dip below the freezing mark, the asphalt plant may not be operational on a day that repairs must be done and emergency repairs might not happen. If the thermoplastic reflectors are installed the tape does not adhere correctly and must be reapplied or your disability placards may be at risk for lawsuit.

3. We must use ADA compliant cold patch asphalt when we can’t get hot mix asphalt because the temperatures are too cold. ADA compliant Cold patch asphalt doesn’t last as long as repairs that are done with hot mix asphalt so a second callout will be necessary to permanently make the repair.

4. Contributory Negligence and Liability Issues. Landlords must consider the fact that if a tenant has made numerous complaints about large pools of water and they don’t make the repair promptly, they risk being pulled into a deposition by their tenant’s attorney after the tenant falls and injures themselves on the ice that formed in the area where the repair was not made. It will be game over for you once the date that you were made aware of the problem is brought up.

ADA Bathroom Inspection – Dont Get Sued for Lack of ADA Access To Your Bathroom!


ADA Inspection – Bathrooms

Most commercial facilities and public spaces provide bathroom amenities to their visitors. Under ADA legislation, you are responsible for ensuring your rest rooms are accessible to people with disabilities, but that can be a challenge. ADA regulations for Orange County rest rooms are particularly complex, and many commercial operations, such as malls, hotels, schools, stadiums, have independently tried and failed to comply with ADA accessibility standards.

Let us bring equality to your rest rooms, and reassurance to you and your management team. Our experienced and qualified ADA Orange County professionals will visit your rest rooms and other parts of your premises, as required, for a full site assessment. An ADA compliance inspection with Certified Access Specialists (CASp) will ensure full compliance with the ADA and associated regulations. Our qualified ADA experts can help you decide on feasible and cost-effective options regarding ADA access for your public bathroom facilities.

You can have your property evaluated for access compliance at any time. Remember though, a timely CASp inspection can reduce any future litigation costs. If your facility has a CASp report and compliance schedule prior to the filing of a construction-related accessibility claim, the court will award you “qualified defendant” status. What do we look for when inspecting an Orange County bathroom for ADA compliance?

ADA Compliance and Restroom Signage

Where rest rooms are available to the public, at least one should be fully accessible. It can either be unisex or gender specific. Clear and appropriate signage should direct people with disabilities to the closest rest room. Signage for visually impaired people should be supplied. This might include tactile signage such as braille or raised characters and they should be placed to the left of the door’s latch, but not on the door.

ADA Compliance and Rest Room Doors

To enable wheelchair access, rest room doorways should be at least 32 inches wide, with a swing-clear door. The door should have an accessible handle, such as a lever or loop handle, so that it may be used with a closed fist. The handle should not be higher than 48 inches off the ground. Alternatively, you may install a power-assisted or an automatic door opener.

ADA Compliance and Rest Room Size

People with impaired mobility require more space to move freely.  There are complicated space requirements for an accessible restroom but we will take you through exactly what you need to know. Briefly, a person using a wheelchair needs 36 inches of clear width, and a 5-foot diameter or T-shaped clear space to turn around. The complex lavatory regulations include requirements such as a 30-inch-wide by 48-inch-deep clear space in front of the lavatory.

ADA Compliance and Rest Room Features

Thoughtful and careful design is the key to incorporating all necessary features into an ADA compliant bathroom. The lavatory rim should be 34 inches or lower with the toilet seats 17 to 19 inches high. Grab bars are located behind, and on the side wall nearest the toilet. The bottom edge of a wall-mounted mirror must be mounted no more than 40 inches. Faucets, all dispensers, and hand dryers must be usable with one closed fist.

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