Pool and Spa Construction


Pool Construction Service Done Solar

An important part of maintaining a small footprint is keeping your electricity down. Owning a pool, spa, or koi pond can lead to a larger footprint than expected due to the electrical pull of the pump used for the water feature.

pool and koi pond pump and filter

In some states like California, they have enacted a law stating all pool pumps purchased or worked on after 2006 must be variable speed pumps offering both a low-run setting and a high-run setting. The amount of electrical consumption water feature equipment can utilize makes this weeks “small footprint qualifier” a great addition for any property be it residential or commercial.

Pool & Spa Building with Solar in Mind

As a property owner, you can pull a specific permit allowing you to install a PV and/or solar pool heating equipment, but must still pass inspection. Sometimes its worth hiring a professional pool service company to handle such a task as doing this incorrectly can result in a lot of lost money if done incorrectly.

Solar panels and PVC can be used as passive heating techniques which should meet all requirements of what an in-ground pool or spa owner is looking for, a reduced bill and a functioning water feature with little footprint.

The downside to supplying to style of pump electricity, is your area must have sun most times of day, and can only be provided during the day time.

Pool pump solar panel repair

After extensive research, we have agreed “TWO 170W 48V DC solar power modules” should provide 340W at 96V/ 3.54Amps. One HP Pump = 746 watts, so this system might only accommodate a 1/2 to 3/4 HP pool pump.

If you own a koi pond or water garden, most of these pumps are 1/2 HP or less, which means this size solar panel can/ should be able to power your koi pond without the need to upgrade.

Unfortunately, owning a koi pond means you will most likely need to repair your pond equipment in order to meet the demand of the solar power unit.


Purchasing a converter box is ideal for this situation to avoid any miscalculations with your electricity and pool pumps.