Commercial Cannabis & Hemp Clones

Growing Healthy Cannabis Clones

Growing healthy cannabis and hemp clones is an extreme undertaking. Understanding what commercial farms need for their upcoming grow season is only the first step when dealing with corporate cloning. The 2017-2018 cannabis growing season has met many difficult moments, starting with who farms were sourcing their clones from. Oregon farms were scrambling this grow season to find methods the OLCC would approve to spray and eradicate pests farmers were picking up from local clone companies who did not monitor what they were shipping out. Local clone companies made millions while the farms receiving product were bound to suffer from extremely difficult pests like the russet mite. Other factors such as multiple large fires caused the UV light spectrum to be diluted and thus the yielding of the cannabis and hemp plants has also been reduced. Fortunately with companies changing their grow around, from decon-rooms, to purchasing cannabis and hemp clones from reputable companies, the following years look extremely profitable for these companies.

CBD Clones or THC Clones

The big question these days is what type of clones should a farm purchase? From CBD to THC, the types of clones are changing, and so are the products that are coming to market. For example CBD also known as Hemp or Cannabidiol, is the medicinal end of marijuana and lacks the psychoactive elements the feds are out to get rid of. Thus allowing for easier transportation, cultivation, including licensing for farms who want to grow CBD. The downside to CBD is the fact that once you grow CBD on your farm, you cannot grow THC plants as the CBD will ruin your THC plants. Growing CBD means your farm is going to be strictly CBD and not a combination of the two. The good thing is, you’ll have an easier time getting your product to market since the laws are less-strict on the item when compared to marijuana. Processors are actively purchasing CBD in flower and trim form and processing into isolate or distillate form for consumption of humans and animals. Ironically enough, animals are becoming the larger market for ingesting CBD, specifically due to illnesses and other issues like anxiety, people are starting to actively seek out CBD oil online for their animals.

Purchasing Clones in California

Unfortunately, the cloning laws have not been defined in California yet. Oregon has already started and almost expired their “no questions asked” policy in regards to purchasing clones from unlicensed producers. Come 2018 all clone growers in Oregon, regardless if they are hemp or cannabis, must have their license per item being sold. All items must enter a software called METRC, which tracks the cannabis or hemp, from “seed to sale” is what they call it. This gives local legislature plenty of oversight to tax and monitor the process, and thus impacts those cloning companies who are trying to transfer from medical cloning to recreational cloning. California cannabis still has a year or two to fully mature and become defined. Cloning companies are staying tight and undeterred since they can function under the MMJ act of CA proposition 64. The state seems to fall slightly behind Oregon, who is still struggling to figure their own situation out – by only a year or two. Sadly California cloning might become more strict with such defined legalities. The paperwork to file as a licensed cloning company in the state of CA is almost 2-3x more tedious than that of other states like Washington, Oregon, and Nevada.

Cannabis & Hemp Clone Investors

After the recent 2017 win for recreational cannabis in California, has become the time for companies who would not typically jump into the cannabis market, doing just that. Cannabis and hemp investment companies are serious about their money, and are coming from industries not typically expected. With the expansion of the new industry is new business opportunity, such as B2B efforts like growing for other farms, renting farm equipment, processing services, and many other items including licensing and compliance consulting. Companies are enjoying the room to move and the amount of profits to be made from the industry. Everyone expects the industry to filter itself out in regards to those “un-motivated” cannabis farms, who cut corners and provide an insufficient product. Over the next 5 years companies will gain capital from sales including investors to help fund their start operations. Investors have been waiting for this moment for some time are now starting to take a look at future potential.…

sell my house fast houston

sell my house fast houstonIf you are looking to sell your house quickly and for cash, you will discover that the traditional method of selling a property will not be the most beneficial option. While a real estate agent can be useful for property sales, the use of an agent can be a lengthy procedure and problematic if looking for a ‘quick fix.’ This traditional method requires locating agents to obtain comparisons, arrange for property valuations, painting the property, hold open days and negotiate the price of the sale. Furthermore, finding that the housing market is difficult to manage, locating buyers can be complicated. To simplify this procedure, it is recommended that you consider the sell my house fast Houston process.

If you are seeking a speedy house sale for cash, then using the above described real estate agents will be more detrimental than advantageous. The simplest method to sell a property fast is via the sell my house fast Houston process or using property investors. A property investor is a cash buyer who specializes in quick house sales and will offer to buy your house regardless of the condition. Unlike traditional sales, there is no need to spend money renovating the property. This is a benefit that many people enjoy because they do not need to spend extra funds before selling the home.

One reason why an individual would choose to sell their house for cash is to resolve any financial problems brought on by the problem property. For example, you may have difficulty paying household bills or paying a mortgage or car loan. It is possible that credit card repayments could be difficult to meet or personal loans are looming with lenders contacting you regularly. If these are situations being experienced, using a specialist property investor can stabilize the current financial position quickly avoiding receding deeper into debt and having the house repossessed.

A specialist property investor such as sell my house fast Houston is beneficial tosell your house fast use because they can offer property sales within short periods of time. In fact, people have been known to sell their homes within the course of one week or 48 hours in extreme cases. This will enable a person to repay outstanding debts and loans that may have been secured on the sale of the property. Furthermore, their legal team will confirm the property sale quickly and place you back on the road to financial stability.

If you are not keen on selling the property entirely, it is possible to sell a home to the agency and rent it from them as a tenant. Should you opt for this transaction, it is vital that you deal with this issue head on and discuss it with the investor from the beginning. Repossession orders can be managed, but it is important that all areas of the issue are considered and examined for the financial difficulty to be resolved.

Whatever your reason for selling a property, specialist investors can assist with a speedy property sale and no need to spend cash beforehand.

Cannabis Clones of the Future - Los Angeles California

The Future of Legal Cannabis Clones, is in Los Angeles California

With years of experience in the medical and soon to be recreational cannabis industry. Los Angeles California stands to be on the forefront of revolutionizing the mass-cannabis and mass-clone programs to be able to accommodate the growing demand for the product. For the time (before big cannabis jumps onboard) Growers are sourcing their clones from numerous clone growers in Los Angeles Ca, who specifically grow clones and keep the plants in “dormant” mode before the site/purchased is licensed as a legal grower and is able to bring the clones to bud. If California follows Oregon, they will allow growers to source clones from any clone company – no license required for the clone company, BUT – if you are a grower, you will need to have your license before the clones are brought to your property – this is a must!

The cool thing about growing clones, is you are growing a legal product that doesnt have as much value as harvested cannabis, and is a business in itself. It makes financial sense to have your clones grown offsite. Consider purchasing your Clones for sale in Los Angeles, from a clone company who is familiar with the process and has years of experience with clones specifically. Below we outline the clone growing process and what to look for when purchasing cannabis clones.

This article will take you through the process of creating your own cannabis plants without seeds, looking at the pros and cons of clones versus seeds, as well as preventing common problems with pests and mold. Ensuring fully organic cuttings without the need for chemical rooting material is also important so I include information about the perfect organic alternatives.

Cloning sounds like a scary artificial process, but any gardener knows that plants reproduce genetically identical versions of themselves naturally. With our scientific techniques, we are merely perfecting what they already do, and have made it more reliable and consistent. Whether it is a spider plant producing plantlets, or potato plants from tubers, or mint or strawberry runners sprouting sideways, these are naturally occurring clones.

Introduction to cannabis cloning

Cloning cannabis plants is similar to taking a cutting from any other plant. You will know when your mature mother plant is ready when there are vigorous shoots from where the leaves are alternating. Identify where there is a healthy new branch, and cut away at a 45 degree angle to ensure maximum stem exposure. With the right nutrients the roots of your new plant will emerge from this cut, and soon you will have a smaller identical copy of the mother plant.

Why cannabis cloning, not cannabis seed?

If you can buy seeds for cannabis cultivation, you may wonder why cloning is necessary. But when you have spent time testing plants propagated from seeds, you will start to see why cloning is so popular.

Seeds offer the grower a wide choice of varieties and guarantee of quality. However, despite similarities within strains, each seedling will vary and react differently to the same growing conditions. They will also produce both male and female plants. In cannabis cultivation, female plants are most desirable because only female plant produce buds/flowers.

Once you have found the perfect mother plant, with your ideal characteristics of flavour, potency, you will be keen to reproduce its qualities across your entire harvest. You also want healthy, hardy female plants with vigorous growth, good complex root systems and excellent yields. Given that all cuttings will generate genetically identical plants, you can be sure of their consistency. This is not the only advantage to cloning. They will also react in a similar way to their mother plant to their environmental conditions so it will be better for you as a grower.

If you take care of your mother plant, you will have a virtually inexhaustible supply of cuttings.
The benefits include the speedy creation of mature plants. Seedlings take around 6 weeks to even get to the sex identification stage, so you can see the immediate advantages of cuttings. Given that plants from clones are the same age as the mother plant, they are already mature and strong, so will grow faster than normal seedlings.

The other and most important advantage is cost. Cloning requires nothing more than scissors and a container of water. You can add rooting material to the stem to assist growth. It is all dependent on your growing conditions and subsequent care, but you are virtually guaranteed healthy female plants.

Hormone rooting for cannabis clones

Cannabis growers have endlessly debated whether hormonal rooting stimulators are needed for the cloning process. Given time, however, a stem placed in clean water will create its own rooting hormone. There are many commercially available options in gel, spray, liquid or powder format, and their purpose is to encourage the cutting to manufacture its own root cells. Synthetic plant chemicals in a rooting hormone will facilitate this process.

Organic rooting stimulators

There has recently been a move towards naturally occurring rooting stimulants because people want to avoid extraneous chemical intervention. This is especially important if they are advertising an end product as 100% organic. There are three relatively common natural substances which you can use for your clones. Aloe vera, willow extract, and honey.

The two major ingredients for hormone rooting are indolebutyric acid and salicylic acid. People claim that either powdered or fresh aloe vera assists with the rooting process. It contains many nutrients, useful enzymes and amino acids, but it also contains the two active acids mentioned above. Salicylic acid is synthesised by plants, and acts as a natural defence. Natural substances containing this chemical have long been recognised by horticulturalists as an excellent rooting compound. Fresh aloe has the added benefit of being a wetting agent.

Willow also includes both IBA and salicylic acid. For many years willow was used for pain relief which we now know as aspirin. You can either buy willow extract ready to use, or you can make your own willow ‘tea’ or willow water. It can be made from soaking cuttings of any salix species of tree or shrub in water. You then place your cuttings in it, and wait for the root system to develop.

Honey is also a natural rooting compound. It shouldn’t really be a surprise that this miracle substance is good for cloning plants. The reason why many plants fail to root is because bacteria can affect growth, and honey is renowned for its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Dip the cutting in honey, and plant as required. It may not be as fast as synthetic rooting compounds, but growth will be good.

Whatever you are using to encourage root growth, store your rooting compounds in a cool, dark, dry place. Before using it, check that it isn’t contaminated and that the box or packaging hasn’t been damaged or tampered with. Do not use, or bring your plants in to contact with, anything which may adversely affect the health of your clones.


Preventing problems and dealing with pests

Cleanliness is everything when creating clones. Just as a hospital operating theatre demands high levels of hygiene from …

Upholstery Houston

Upholstery Houston

An upholstered piece of furniture consists of the frame, padding, support system, and the fabric. The frames of these pieces were traditionally made of wood. But the modern frames come in wood, metal, and plastic. The support system for the frame includes springs, tension systems, and solid systems. The padding of the upholstery is mostly foam while the fabric may include silk, cotton, or a blend of any other material. Wear and tear are common with regular usage. That’s where you need to find a reliable upholstery repair shop in Houston. This article provides information on what you should consider when repairing or replacing upholstery Houston.

furniture upholstery houston

Before you decide whether to recover a piece of furniture or replace it altogether, you should be clear on how much each of these options will cost you in time and money. In fact, the cost of reupholstering a sofa in Houston can cost between $700 to $1,200. But you should decide if the quality of the piece of furniture or the historical or sentimental value of it justifies the cost you incur in reupholstering it. Considering the staggering amount one has to spend on reupholstering damaged upholstery Houston, most homeowners may think of doing their own upholstery. But this is not the easiest DIY project, especially for someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience and the supplies to do the job. In fact, the project can be quite costly if you have to buy all the supplies from the market. That’s why it is important that you find an experienced and reliable upholsterer in Houston.

Finding a reliable upholsterer in Houston is no easy task after all. With so many candidates operating in Houston, how will you select the right contractor for the job? The first step is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. They will assist you if they have hired a reliable upholsterer in the area. That way you can save a lot of time in the selection process. On the other hand, you can consult some of the fabric stores in your area since they regularly work with upholstery experts in town. The Internet is also a great place to start your search. There are many review sites that will give you information on reliable upholstery experts in the area. Search Google or Yahoo to read some of these review sites. You can easily find a reliable upholstery expert in town that way.

You should be sure of what you want to ask the expert before you meet with a prospective upholsterer in Houston. Ask the expert if you can provide your own fabric for the project. An upholstery expert would carry samples of fabric when they visit your home. Make sure you see the person’s completed projects and ask him for referrals before you decide to choose him for the job. You should call a couple of these references before deciding to work with the upholstery expert in Houston.

Certified Access Specialists of the Future

ADA Compliance & Parking lot Resurfacing For The Future!

In our company’s history, I’ve noticed that just before winter starts many orders come in for remediation for areas with standing water, basin repairs, and parking lot pot holes needing repair. With time and access being so important, we also get an influx of ADA certification & parking lot reconstruction work orders at the first sign of any water. The reason we ADA Access and parking lot asphalt repair are in the same article – is due to the fact that they must work together. In the future of property construction and rehabilitation we must highlight the liabilities property owners face if they have an asphalt repair company re-stripe a parking lot without regard for ADA Compliance. If neither are ADA compliant before the rain come in – brace yourself for a winter of liability for an ADA access lawsuit and potential liability for not having your parking lot lined correctly without the ADA site. Always hire a professional ADA consulting service to review your property if you feel your contractor is not up to date with his handicap access legalities.

We proudly support the reclaimed asphalt pavement (PAV) program as this really helps lesson the footprint asphalt creates.

1. Projects completed during the cold weather months risk not being completed due to weather conditions, come with higher costs for materials, often have interruptions in work days, and the quality of work may suffer as a result. We suggest starting the DSA – ADA inspection of your parking lot reconstruction plans during this time.

2. Once temperatures dip below the freezing mark, the asphalt plant may not be operational on a day that repairs must be done and emergency repairs might not happen. If the thermoplastic reflectors are installed the tape does not adhere correctly and must be reapplied or your disability placards may be at risk for lawsuit.

3. We must use ADA compliant cold patch asphalt when we can’t get hot mix asphalt because the temperatures are too cold. ADA compliant Cold patch asphalt doesn’t last as long as repairs that are done with hot mix asphalt so a second callout will be necessary to permanently make the repair.

4. Contributory Negligence and Liability Issues. Landlords must consider the fact that if a tenant has made numerous complaints about large pools of water and they don’t make the repair promptly, they risk being pulled into a deposition by their tenant’s attorney after the tenant falls and injures themselves on the ice that formed in the area where the repair was not made. It will be game over for you once the date that you were made aware of the problem is brought up.

ADA Bathroom Inspection – Dont Get Sued for Lack of ADA Access To Your Bathroom!


ADA Inspection – Bathrooms

Most commercial facilities and public spaces provide bathroom amenities to their visitors. Under ADA legislation, you are responsible for ensuring your rest rooms are accessible to people with disabilities, but that can be a challenge. ADA regulations for Orange County rest rooms are particularly complex, and many commercial operations, such as malls, hotels, schools, stadiums, have independently tried and failed to comply with ADA accessibility standards.

Let us bring equality to your rest rooms, and reassurance to you and your management team. Our experienced and qualified ADA Orange County professionals will visit your rest rooms and other parts of your premises, as required, for a full site assessment. An ADA compliance inspection with Certified Access Specialists (CASp) will ensure full compliance with the ADA and associated regulations. Our qualified ADA experts can help you decide on feasible and cost-effective options regarding ADA access for your public bathroom facilities.

You can have your property evaluated for access compliance at any time. Remember though, a timely CASp inspection can reduce any future litigation costs. If your facility has a CASp report and compliance schedule prior to the filing of a construction-related accessibility claim, the court will award you “qualified defendant” status. What do we look for when inspecting an Orange County bathroom for ADA compliance?

ADA Compliance and Restroom Signage

Where rest rooms are available to the public, at least one should be fully accessible. It can either be unisex or gender specific. Clear and appropriate signage should direct people with disabilities to the closest rest room. Signage for visually impaired people should be supplied. This might include tactile signage such as braille or raised characters and they should be placed to the left of the door’s latch, but not on the door.

ADA Compliance and Rest Room Doors

To enable wheelchair access, rest room doorways should be at least 32 inches wide, with a swing-clear door. The door should have an accessible handle, such as a lever or loop handle, so that it may be used with a closed fist. The handle should not be higher than 48 inches off the ground. Alternatively, you may install a power-assisted or an automatic door opener.

ADA Compliance and Rest Room Size

People with impaired mobility require more space to move freely.  There are complicated space requirements for an accessible restroom but we will take you through exactly what you need to know. Briefly, a person using a wheelchair needs 36 inches of clear width, and a 5-foot diameter or T-shaped clear space to turn around. The complex lavatory regulations include requirements such as a 30-inch-wide by 48-inch-deep clear space in front of the lavatory.

ADA Compliance and Rest Room Features

Thoughtful and careful design is the key to incorporating all necessary features into an ADA compliant bathroom. The lavatory rim should be 34 inches or lower with the toilet seats 17 to 19 inches high. Grab bars are located behind, and on the side wall nearest the toilet. The bottom edge of a wall-mounted mirror must be mounted no more than 40 inches. Faucets, all dispensers, and hand dryers must be usable with one closed fist.

Keep up to date with your ADA Compliant Parking Lot


Pool Construction Service Done Solar

An important part of maintaining a small footprint is keeping your electricity down. Owning a pool, spa, or koi pond can lead to a larger footprint than expected due to the electrical pull of the pump used for the water feature.

pool and koi pond pump and filter

In some states like California, they have enacted a law stating all pool pumps purchased or worked on after 2006 must be variable speed pumps offering both a low-run setting and a high-run setting. The amount of electrical consumption water feature equipment can utilize makes this weeks “small footprint qualifier” a great addition for any property be it residential or commercial.

Pool & Spa Building with Solar in Mind

As a property owner, you can pull a specific permit allowing you to install a PV and/or solar pool heating equipment, but must still pass inspection. Sometimes its worth hiring a professional pool service company to handle such a task as doing this incorrectly can result in a lot of lost money if done incorrectly.

Solar panels and PVC can be used as passive heating techniques which should meet all requirements of what an in-ground pool or spa owner is looking for, a reduced bill and a functioning water feature with little footprint.

The downside to supplying to style of pump electricity, is your area must have sun most times of day, and can only be provided during the day time.

Pool pump solar panel repair

After extensive research, we have agreed “TWO 170W 48V DC solar power modules” should provide 340W at 96V/ 3.54Amps. One HP Pump = 746 watts, so this system might only accommodate a 1/2 to 3/4 HP pool pump.

If you own a koi pond or water garden, most of these pumps are 1/2 HP or less, which means this size solar panel can/ should be able to power your koi pond without the need to upgrade.

Unfortunately, owning a koi pond means you will most likely need to repair your pond equipment in order to meet the demand of the solar power unit.


Purchasing a converter box is ideal for this situation to avoid any miscalculations with your electricity and pool pumps.




Partners for a sustainable future...

green_buildingThe New Community Coalition is committed to identifying, coordinating, and implementing sustainability projects in Telluride, Mountain Village, and San Miguel County. We recognize community as the key ingredient in our quest for a positive vision of the future. The quality of interactions between members of our community—businesses, governments, individuals, and organizations—will define our ability to adapt to an energy-constrained future and the unpredictable nature of global climate change. By stimulating interest and dialogue in the pressing issues of our time, we hope to herald a new paradigm of interactions between members of our community. We envision community collaborations to increase our energy efficiency, re-localize our economy and food sources, develop a greener built environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and expand educational resources.

375px-Nested_sustainability-v2.svgTNCC has established five working groups to address and coordinate projects in the areas of Energy,Green Building, Resource Recovery/Recycling, Food and Economy. Each group is comprised of community members and overseen by TNCC staff.

 Check it out! Kris Holstrom was recently the featured guest on a Peak Moment TV Conversation. Peak Moment Televsion explores perspectives and initiatives for local self-reliance in the face of energy, climate, and economic uncertainty.

 View Kris’ conversation with Peak Moment producer and host, Janaia Donaldson:

“Go-getter Gets Governments Going on Sustainability”

 energy-slide1Solar on Schools project is a success!